New Song Academy Teachers

Nicole Ahern
Kindergarten Teacher

Taneka Sleeger
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Alana Smith
1st Grade Teacher

Jennie Wiggins
Pre-Kindergarten Aid

Grant King
2nd Grade Teacher (Math/Science)

Yarah Yaala
3rd – 5th Grade Teacher (Literacy and Science)

Rachel Popp
3rd-5th Grade Teacher (Math and Social Studies)

Hannah Ward
3rd Grade Teacher (LA/Social Studies)

Family School Organization

Hope Crosby
President of the Family School Organization









Jeffrey Byerly
Physical Education Teacher

Tierra Snyder Diggs
Social Worker

Doug Fireside
School Principal

Scott Hopewell
Education Associate

Paula Huggins
MS Math Teacher

Shermia Jackson
MS Science/Health and Intervention

Lamar Johnson
Robotics and Technology Teacher



Emily Maunz-Marcus
MS Language Arts Teacher

Sara McCallum
Intervention Teacher

Jeremy Norris
Music Teacher

LaRhonda Parker
School Health Aide

Sean Stevenson
Physical Education Teacher

Louise Sutherland
Reading Specialist

Colin Sullivan
MS Social Studies/Spanish and Intervention

Claire Torrefranca
Special Education Teacher



After School programs


Years Established

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Location: 1530 Presstman St. , Baltimore 21217

Telephone: 410-728-2091

 Fax: 410-728-0829


School Hours: M-F: 8am - 3pm – Parents and students can check their grades - Communicate with your child’s teachers and get important announcements about New Song