New Song Academy Teachers

Doug Fireside
School Principal
[email protected]

Alana Smith                              Kindergarten teacher
[email protected]

Marlayna Davis                          Kindergarten Aid

Taneka Sleeger
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
[email protected]

Nicole Ahern
1st Grade Teacher
[email protected]

Tra’shel Cokely                                          1st Grade Aid

Jennie Wiggins
Pre-Kindergarten Aid
[email protected]

Alohaa Fuller-Chen                                    2nd Grade Teacher
[email protected]

Maya Johnson                                          2nd  Grade Aid

Yarah Yaala
4th – 5th Grade Teacher (Literacy & Science)
[email protected]

Justin Warren                                            3rd  Grade Aid

Rachel Popp
4th-5th Grade Teacher (Math & Social Studies)
[email protected]

Hannah Ward
3rd Grade Teacher (LA/Social Studies)
[email protected]

Nikya Childs                                                  4th and 5th Grade Aid









Emily Maunz-Marcus
MS Language Arts Teacher
[email protected]

Sara McCallum
Ed Associate/Intervention Teacher
[email protected]

Claire Torrefranca
Special Education Teacher
[email protected]

Dominique Romain                            Middle School Special Education Teacher
[email protected]

Jeremy Norris
Music Teacher
[email protected]

Ireneo Rios                                                    IEP Chair
[email protected]

Tierra Sydnor-Diggs
Social Worker
[email protected]

Shermia Jackson
MS Science/Health and Intervention
[email protected]

Lamont Johnson
Robotics and Technology Teacher
[email protected]

Jeffrey Byerly
Physical Education Teacher
[email protected]

Richard McCarter                              Physical Education Teacher/Basketball Coach


LaRhonda Parker
School Health Aide
[email protected]

Louise Sutherland
Reading Specialist
[email protected]

Mary Lee Williams                            Student Support

Katrina Davis                                        School Secretary
[email protected]

Family School Organization

Hope Crosby
President of the Family School Organization


After School programs


Years Established

Get In Touch

Location: 1530 Presstman St. , Baltimore 21217

Telephone: 410-728-2091

 Fax: 410-728-0829

Email: [email protected]

School Hours: M-F: 8:45am - 3:35pm – Parents and students can check their grades - Communicate with your child’s teachers and get important announcements about New Song