A Word

From the Executive Director of NSCLC and Principal of New Song Academy

And Still We Rise. We know all to well that the violence washing over the country is rooted in intergenerational issues of race, class, economic disinvestment, unchecked sanctioned lethal force against individuals and communities – exacerbated by a pandemic with dire economic consequences well into the future. It is not news to us, given the events leading up to and events following the murder of Freddie Gray a few short years ago in West Baltimore.

New Song Community Learning Center – our staff and Board of Directors recognizes that these issues are complex and unyielding. We know that your expectations have not diminished for humanity, safety, equity, fairness and justice. We also know that we will continue to expend the time, energy and resources to hear you, to provide a safe space virtually and physically when possible to hear and hold your concerns, anger, rage, pain and hopes. This is our commitment to you in face of the many challenges facing us daily.

In Love and Service



– Mark & Doug

Our vision

A nurturing, educationally challenging, equitable and inclusive environment providing exceptional academic and educational experiences forming the foundation of a healthy intellectual social and emotional set of skills for negotiating education and other pursuits important to the student and family.

Our Mission

New Song Community Learning Center (NSCLC) at the heart of Sandtown Winchester focuses on developing the academic, intellectual, social and emotional growth of students; strengthening the interpersonal dynamics of families for life-long learning, growth and development; and advancing community development and leadership anchored in social justice.

Our Philosophy

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are the pillars supporting the educational pedagogy, academic objectives, social and emotional fabric of learning throughout a New Song experience for students, families and staff members. We are committed to supporting the strengths and dynamic creativity of our students while addressing the inter-generational inequities in institutions, systems and the community that have not provided a solid platform from which our children can succeed and flourish as global citizens. We purposefully open up a world of opportunity both for our students and their families with activities to assist in the daily challenges of life and also to embellish and enrich their lives with social and educational activities. We are also committed to embracing the diversity of the experiences within the community and beyond through partnerships, volunteers, and collaborations that open up as many opportunities as possible for our families.


Our Values

Integrity and Accountability: demonstrate honesty, responsiveness, ethical and moral behavior in the execution of professional responsibilities
Leadership: guided by a clear vision and act accordingly, individually and collectively, to support others to make decisions and assume responsibility as well as building indigenous leaders. 
Racial Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Social justice: ensuring that the organization affirms and respects — the racial identities, history and culture of its students, parents, staff; that there is fair and equitable involvement, and relationships; and that we embrace the best practices of social justice models in our conflict resolution for students, parents and staff
Learning: committed to continuous life-long learning and performance improvement for students, families and the organization/staff
Respect: demonstrate appreciation for the intellect, skills, talents, life experiences that every person brings to the workplace
Sustainability: strive to be self-sufficient by actively seeking support that will allow us to achieve success over the long-term


Guiding Principles

     Engages students and families so that they can be effective advocates for themselves and leaders with their communities;

Coordinates services and opportunities that every child needs and deserves to succeed in school as well as services advancing whole child development and growth as well as their parents;

Works to influence/change/reset best practices related to the policies impacting strengthening the focus on student success across public and private sectors – school administration, government agencies, community organizations, etc.


A Word

From The Executive Director of NSCLC

Hello All. My name is Mark Carter, the Executive Director of New Song Community Learning Center. We support advancing and strengthening our commitment to children, parents and the community of Sandtown-Winchester and beyond. We have a community of exceptionally creative people — within the New Song Community Learning Center Executive Leadership Team, the New Song Academy, Teachers, Administrative and Program staff, the Board of Directors etc. — all working diligently to bring new and different energy to a historic organization; educating some of the best and brightest children in Baltimore and supporting their families with a variety of activities and services.

– Mark Carter


Doug Fireside, Principal of New Song Academy

Doug Fireside is honored to be returning to New song to serve the community as principal. He has spent over 25 years in public education, most of that in Baltimore City Public Schools. He was a teacher at New Song for 6 years and is excited to be rejoining the community in this new role. Doug received his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and his Masters degree from Johns Hopkins. He moved to Baltimore in 1994 and is proud to call Baltimore his home. He has three children, two of whom are at City Schools. His wife, Laura Weeldreyer is the executive director of Maryland Family Network, and is also a long time educator and advocate for children and families.

Events & Activities

New Song Academy

Activities and Organizations



Elementary and Middle School students on the Robotics Teams will learn teamwork while developing technical proficiency in VEX Robotics. Students will compete in city-wide competitions as part of this program under the leadership of Lamont Johnson.

Math Tutoring
Girl Scouts Mentoring Program

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland we’ll be developing literacy skills for future leaders using a series of wonderfully illustrated books and activities! We help guide girls in grades K-2nd through a journey of diversity, feelings, self-esteem, friendship and courage.

Girls and Boys Basketball

New Song is proudly represented by Elementary and Middle School Basketball teams. Students learn basic skills of the game while developing the collaborative skills necessary to work as a team. Basketball practices are led by Mr. Sean Stevenson. 

Student Government

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Drumming With Dads

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After School programs


Years Established

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Location: 1530 Presstman St. , Baltimore 21217

Telephone: 410-728-2091

 Fax: 410-728-0829

Email: info@newsongclc.org

School Hours: M-F: 8am - 3pm