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From the Executive Director of NSCLC

To Our Community,
During these uncertain times we are reassured that our community is resilient, strong and helping each other with every fibre of care and support as is the Sandtown-Winchester way. COVID-19 is another challenge of epic proportions that we are going to meet head on with the same grit and determination as other issues — challenging us to find the best in who we are and how we rise as a community. And still we rise.
We are reassured by the energy of the staff that we will do everything possible to support and love our children and parents with food, academic/educational resources, human resources, etc. We will support you through the unwavering commitment of our — CLC team (Elder Kelly, Lamont, Michael, Sean, Tisha) and teachers led by our Principal, Doug Fireside and lifted up by the Chair of the Family School Organization, Hope Crosby. The social and emotional wellbeing of our children is paramount as evidenced by the ongoing work of the team of Claire, LaRhonda, Mary Lee, Pam, Scott, Tierra and others who hold their hearts, physical health and spirits. Our Board of Directors is equally committed to this process of support and resourcing what is necessary to respond where gaps present. And we know that these challenges will be met with unyielding determination from our many partners such as Safe Streets and Catholic Charities who have been providing 500 meals a day to our families and residents for the last couple of weeks and will continue to do so for weeks to come. Love comes to New Song and Sandtown-WInchester in many ways.
Please, heed the advice of the many ways in which to take care of yourselves and your family. It’s not only your future that we want to see flourish but that of our/your children. We see you. We hear you. We value you. And we Love You — Monumentally!

-Mark Carter


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