Board of Directors

NSCLC Leadership Team

Mark Carter, MSW, Executive Director

Pending – Principal

Board of Directors

Julie Bierman

Linda Chen

Tony D’Agostino, Treasurer

Moses Hammett

Richard Holden

Irma Johnson

Kyla Liggett-Creel

Emily Maunz Secretary

Nicole Norfles

Ross Pologe, Vice-President

Vicki Schultz, President

Laura Weeldreyer

Cortly “CD” Witherspoon



Executive Committee

Board Members: Tony D’Agostino, Emily Maunz, Nicole Norfles, Ross Pologe, Vicki Schultz,

NSCLC ED: Mark Carter

Charting the Future Committee

Linda Chen, Co-Chair

Vicki Schultz, Co-Chair

Finance Committee

Tony D’Agostino, Chair and Treasurer

Fundraising/Development Committee

Nicole Norfles, Chair

Governance Committee

Keilah Jacques, Co-Chair

Ross Pologe, Co-Chair and Vice President

Programmatic Excellence Committee

Emily Maunz, Chair and Secretary


After School programs


Years Established

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Telephone:(410) 728-2091


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